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National Tater Tot Day 2017


Clear those diaries people, Thursday 2nd February is National Tater Tot Day.


Tater Tots are made from grated potatoes that are deep-fried and cylindrical in shape. The Ore-Ida labs, which is a division of the H. J. Heinz Company, first released Tater Tots to the public in 1956 and they’ve been a popular side dish ever since.


Tots can be served with just a little seasoning salt or with a choice of condiments on the side from ketchup to mayo and beyond. There’s no end to how creative you can get with a dish of fried potatoes and a day like National Tater Tot Day, is no better day to get creative – For one day only we are giving you the chance to be chef.


Design Your Own Loaded Tots 
£4 using up to 4 x ingredients from our hot dog toppings list

Year Of The Rooster – Chinese New Year


From Friday 27th January – Saturday 11th February we are celebrating Chinese New Year and all things chick related, with our sticky & crispy chicken wings, which will be joining our new fab menu line up for a limited time only  – Furthermore check out Sandia’s Chinese New Year wine recommendations, that she rounded up this month in her Red online column below.


Chinese Chicken Wings
6 wings for £6 pounds or 12 wings for £11


Red Online – The Best Wines To Help You Celebrate Chinese New Year


“Celebrating Chinese New Year in my family is just as big as Christmas. Eating, socialising, eating and more eating is what we do. Round tables of friends and family night after night, there are so many plates that sometimes the poor Lazy Susan finds it hard to turn. Whilst most of the elders will sip on tea and the boys will chug cans of beer, I prefer to drink wine. Flavours of ginger, garlic, soy and lacquered barbecue are made for wine matchings. Regardless if you’re having a take away at home or a banquet feast, drink great wine. Happy Chinese New Year!” Sandia Chang


Check out Sandia’s January’s Red Online column in preparations to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.

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