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Red Online – The Best Red Wines To Drink This Christmas



There’s nothing more on trend at the moment than wines from Beaujolais. The grape from this region is called Gamay and some of the wines it produces can compete equally with the great red Burgundies any day. There are 7 ‘Crus’ in Beaujolais that produce the best of the region, though you will never find the word ‘Beaujolais’ on these bottles as they try very hard to set themselves apart from the everyday Beaujolais that we know – Sandia tells us her top three favourite red wines to get your lips around for the festive season, for her November Red Online column.

Back on the box


On Saturday 29th October, Sandia was back on the box, doing her thing on Saturday Kitchen. Sandia visited a pumpkin patch in Colchester, before heading to the supermarket to find a perfectly flavoured wine to match Andy Oliver’s, of som saa, Thai dishes for the studio audience to enjoy.

If you missed our little star, the episode is available to watch On Demand.

What Are You Thankful For?


American Thanksgiving is almost here and as you know, our very own Sandia Chang loves celebrating her stateside home roots by adding some exclusive limited time only menu items.

Get involved from Monday 21st – Saturday 26th November, where we’re offering turkey cranberry sausages and hot cheesy corn dip, for an alternative Thanksgiving treat for all to enjoy.