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Franck Pascal Producer Night

Get ready for our next producer night on Wednesday 13th November. Franck Pascal with the support of Dynamic Wines will join us at Bubbledogs.

Franck Pascal

In 1998, Franck Pascal decided to transform his entire estates methodology, wanting to take a more natural approach to making his wines. Motivated by a commitment to learn better methods of working with nature (and reject the use of pesticides and herbicides), Franck was certified as an organic producer by 2007. Sprawled over five communes in the Marne river valley, Franck’s Champagne benefits from the variety of terroir from which they come.

Using biodynamic, organic as well as naturopathic principles, he goes much further than many others in attempting to create the perfect wine. Growing 60 per cent Meunier, as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, these are Champagnes of sophistication, intensity and finesse.

We’ll be dedicating our wine list exclusively to Franck and his Champagne on the evening, while Franck himself will be on hand from 6pm – 9pm to chat through his chosen bottles.



Adrien Dhondt + Guillaume Selosse Producer Night

Our next producer night is set for Thursday 31st October. Adrien Dhondt of JL Dhondt Grellet, plus a special guest appearance from Guillaume Selosse, the son of the great Jacques Selosse, will be in the house.

Adrien Dhondt

In 1986, Eric Dhondt and Edith Grellet decided to stop selling off their grapes to négociants and started Dhondt-Grellet. Their focus on biodynamic farming has translated into vivid champagnes from great parcels across the Côte des Blancs. The domaine is around 6ha of Grand Cru and 1er Cru vines, with an average age of 40 years. Their son Adrien is now at the helm, together with his sister Alice.

Inspired by the great white winemakers of Burgundy, Adrien is taking his family’s wines to another level, focusing on chardonnay and terroir. The quality of Adrien’s cuvées was recognised last year when he was voted Winemaker of the Year 2017 in the Trophées Champenois.

Guillaume Selosse

The son of the legendary Anselme Selosse, Guillaume has been shadowing his dad in the house for several years, he has made a Champagne from his single vineyard which is widely believed to be as good as the top wines from Jacques Selosse.

Guillaume Selosse made his first Champagne and started his own label in 2009, Au Dessus du Gros Mont, using grapes from the precious old vines he received from his grandmother on his 18th birthday, and under the guidance of his dad. His Champagne is gaining interest among the followers of Selosse.


Adrien and Guillaume will be joining us from 6pm-9pm and will be hand to chat you throw their grower Champagne recommendations…



Tuesday Late Night Pours

Join us every Tuesday night from 9pm when we’ll open a bottle of our finest bottles of grower Champagne for you guys to enjoy by the glass

If you count yourself a Champagne lover, or simply find yourself in the neighbourhood, you’ll not want to miss a chance to sip on these excellent pours.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social to find out what the weekly pours are…@bubbledogsuk

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