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So, six years on from opening our doors, we have undergone a bit of a glow-up and our interiors have been transformed into a chic Champagne-drinking den. So, settle into one of our new dark purple booths and work your way through a hand-picked selection of France’s most famous fizz, by the neon light of a hot pink, flying dog.

Take a look around at our new, grown-up vibe, with an outstanding list of lesser-known Champagnes, produced by the region’s most acclaimed growers and curated by our very own Sandia Chang. Many are available by the glass, so you can explore as many wines as you fancy, to suit your own personal tastes.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of tasting though, or have a special occasion to plan, the new tasting table will be right up your alley, giving the opportunity to create bespoke tasting sessions.

We’re also continuing our tradition of outstanding bar snacks, with our selection of hot dogs, with internationally-inspired toppings. You’ll also find some new treats, including tater tots with crème fraîche and a 20g tin of caviar, plus a selection of cheeses.

As ever, all of our champagnes are available to take away, and you can even pre-order a case or two.