Get ready for our next producer night on Wednesday 13th November. Franck Pascal with the support of Dynamic Wines will join us at Bubbledogs.

Franck Pascal

In 1998, Franck Pascal decided to transform his entire estates methodology, wanting to take a more natural approach to making his wines. Motivated by a commitment to learn better methods of working with nature (and reject the use of pesticides and herbicides), Franck was certified as an organic producer by 2007. Sprawled over five communes in the Marne river valley, Franck’s Champagne benefits from the variety of terroir from which they come.

Using biodynamic, organic as well as naturopathic principles, he goes much further than many others in attempting to create the perfect wine. Growing 60 per cent Meunier, as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, these are Champagnes of sophistication, intensity and finesse.

We’ll be dedicating our wine list exclusively to Franck and his Champagne on the evening, while Franck himself will be on hand from 6pm – 9pm to chat through his chosen bottles.